Scewo Prototype

The Scewo wheelchair is the second iteration of the original Scalevo project.
It is still a demonstration prototype and under active development. The wheelchair is not for sale yet. But let's see what we can already do and how we climb stairs!

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Compact and agile

The self-balancing technology enables rotating on spot and driving over curbs without getting stuck. The big wheels can go over obstacles without entanglement.
It's compact size allows to fit trough all standard doors and maneuver easily indoors.

Sleek & Minimal

The user interface is kept minimal without reducing any functionality. The design is functional and allows for many adjustments in the seating position.

Safe stair climbing

The well established rubber tracks give a smooth and safe ride on the stairs. Thanks to the very wide base of the rigid tracks the chair is stable even on spiral stair cases.
Transitioning on and off the stair is automated and accomplished by the push of a button.

Scewo Experience

Driving Mode
The self balancing chair allows for agile maneuvering on spot and dynamic driving also over common obstacles like curbs. The user can either use the joystick or a shift in body weight to control the chair.

Stair Mode
The rubber tracks allow to smoothly go up- and downstairs in a safe manner. The transfers onto the stair and back to the floor are automated.

Safe Mode
This is the stationary mode. It is used to get on and off the Scewo chair, getting below a table and for standing still. It is also possible to drive forwards and backwards during this mode.

Elevated Mode
The tracks and the small wheels at the back can be lowered together below the main wheel to rise the seat up. This enables eye-to-eye communication and reaching of higher lying objects.

Track Mode
To overcome slippery surfaces (like snow, loose gravel), bigger obstacles or steep inclines the tracks can be lowered to the ground for increased traction.

Project Scewo

Hi, we are an interdisciplinary team of students studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich or at Zurich University of the Arts. We are currently in our masters and work on the wheelchair in our free time as much as we can.

Our Vision

We build the wheelchair of the 21st century!

The same electric wheelchairs were sold to disable people for years, whereas everything else like smartphones, electric cars, drones, even robotic vacuum cleaners improved.

Our goal is to combine the new technologies and an aesthetic design to develop a new generation wheelchair. It will give back enjoyable and flexible mobility to those in need and let's them engage wherever life takes them.

If you like to support us you can do so on our newly launched Patreon site.


The project started as an educational project at ETH back in late 2014. After 9 month, we presented the first prototype (known as Scalevo), developed from skratch by a team of 10 students.

Due to the immense feedback we got we decided to push the development further besides our studies to compete at the Cybathlon competition in October 2016 with our second prototype, the Scewo.

We are now gathering feedback and inputs to gather the exact needs for such an electric wheelchair. This will allow us to adapt our current concept to meet these needs. This all happens besides our various studies which we will finish in 2017.

With our current estimation we will have a version that can be produced in numbers by the end of 2018.


We are supported by the Autonomous Systems Lab and by our Sponsors

We just recently started our crowdfunding at Patreon to help us concentrate more on Scewo besides our studies. We are grateful for all your help and want to thank especially the following Patrons or their extremely generous support.

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