Student Projects

Are you looking for an interesting and meaningfull idea for your semester or master thesis?
Do you study at ETH Zürich or a nearby university?

We are always seeking new, motivated talents.
Then take a look at the following topics/ideas:

  • Dynamic Transitions onto different Stairs and Surfaces (Control, embedded programming, user interface, state-machine)occupied
  • Autopilot Assistance (Detect narrow passages, computer vision, input guide, assisted control)
  • New Drive train for Track System (hardware implementation, sensor implementation, motorization and control) occupied
  • Position Control Algorithm for intuitive Steering (position controller, speed controller, user-feedback, parametrisation)
    – occupied
  • Software Unit test for powered Wheelchair (C++, Visual Studio, real-time)
  • Hardware Unit Test of Wheelchair (LabVIEW, test procedure, report generation, autonomous testing and repetition, data analysis)
  • New Seat Concept (Adjustability, transformation, electric footrest, backrest, armrest, ergonomics)
  • Android / iOS App Interface (Localization, camera, scoring system)
  • Android / iOS App Remote control (Park in car, visual feedback)
  • Stair Edge Detection Algorithm (Recognize fist and last step, position estimation and localization)occupied
  • Human-Machine Interface (Input device development, software implementation, user-studies)  –  occupied

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Do you have another idea or are you not sure if this is the right thing for you?
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List of completed student projects

Here we list the abstracts of some completed student projects. Have fun on the lecture!

State Estimator for a Self Balancing Wheelchair

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Design and Evaluation of an App-Based User Interface for a Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Sliding Mode Controller for a Two-Wheeled Balancing Wheelchair

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Stair Recognition and Automatic Alignment for a Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Adaptive Transitions on and of Stairs for a Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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System Modeling and Control for a Self-Balancing Wheelchair

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