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With what we do, we make the previously impossible possible. We bring people together; use their expertise to create great things together. Through the interaction of design and technology, we develop products that stand for boundless freedom and quality of life.


  • Bernhard Winter

    Bernhard has an idea: He wants to develop a robot to complete his studies. The robot shall overcome the obstacles in everyday life by balancing on its own and by climbing stairs. As a result, the idea for the first prototype ‘Scalevo’ is born.

    Bernhard studies mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. At the end of his studies he would like to develop a robot. He has the idea to develop an independently balancing robot. Later, he decides to make a step further and combine the independently balancing technology with climbing stairs.

    Bernhard’s mentor is delighted with the idea. But wouldn’t it make sense to immediately develop something that can then be used in everyday life? Bernhard is made aware of the CYBATHLON and decides to develop the first wheelchair that can balance AND climb stairs independently.

    So the idea for the first prototype ‘Scalevo’ is born.

  • Team Scalevo

    Bernhard needs support for his idea. He brings colleagues from ETH Zurich and the ZhdK on board. Ten students start the Scalevo project together. The goal: to build a stair-climbing and self-balancing wheelchair.

  • Prototype 'Scalevo'

    Nine months after the start of the project, the student team presents its first prototype ‘Scalevo’. The combination of tracks and large wheels provides an incredible driving experience. Afterwards, the video of the first prototype goes viral from one day to the other.

    In only nine months the student team succeeds in completing and presenting its first prototype ‘Scalevo’.

    Scalevo’ comes with two large wheels and tracks. The team thus introduces the first electric wheelchair that can balance independently and climb stairs.

    At the end of the project, the team shoots an “advertising spot”, which they then post on YouTube. The video goes viral overnight. Check it out here!

    The video shows further effects: In the little room at ETH Zurich, where the team is tinkering, the phone is running hot. It is time to answer questions about availability and prices. A first hint that the further development of this device would be worth it?

  • Prototype 'Scewo'

    “Scalevo” shall not be the end. The team develops the concept for the second prototype ‘Scewo’. They want to participate in the CYBATHLON 2016. They replace mechanical and technical components and give the wheelchair a new look.

    The prototype “Scalevo” is not the end. The team decides to improve the prototype and develop a concept for the second prototype ‘Scewo’. Their long-term goal: to participate in the CYBATHLON 2016.

    The student team starts a “general overhaul”. It replaces mechanical and technical components and gives the wheelchair a new look.

    As soon as the prototype is ready, the practice begins. The team brings various test pilots on board, who are supposed to be drivers on the CYBATHLON. Together they study the obstacles in detail and practice until the pilots can drive the test course in their sleep. The team is confident that they will win the CYBATHLON 2016!

    The long-awaited day is followed by great disappointment. Shortly after the start Scewo quits the race. The driver was nervous and hit the “Shut down” button. The wheelchair cannot be switched on again without assistance.

    But Team Scewo would not let their head hang. Under the motto ” Especially now” they start a new chapter.

  • Scewo Founders

    The student project becomes a company. Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle decide to continue the student project. As a result, they found Scewo, the startup that will revolutionize the wheelchair market.

    The student project was not enough for them. So, Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle continue working on their vision to create probably the coolest wheelchair in the world. To clarify, they want to push their idea further and turn the prototype into a real product that will conquer the entire world as soon as possible.

    As a result, the student project becomes a company and they found the company Scewo AG with the shared mission to revolutionize the wheelchair market.

    However, they remain only for a short time as three. Soon more and more young talents join the team who share the mission with the three founders.

    Meanwhile the office space of Scewo is bursting at the seams and the setting up of new workplaces becomes playing Tetris.

  • Scewo introduces Bro.

    After two years of ” silence ” Scewo announces the unveiling of the latest development. The start-up from Winterthur invites to an exclusive keynote at the Landesmuseum Zurich. There it celebrates the beginning of a new era with fans and business partners. Scewo presents Bro to the public for the first time.

    Two years after the presentation of the second prototype “Scewo”, the young company of the same name has good news. The unveiling of the latest development is on.

    Scewo invites fans and business partners to an exclusive keynote at the National Museum in Zurich.

    CEO Bernhard Winter makes the prelude. He takes the guests to the place where it all began: a quiet little room at ETH Zurich. With wit and charm, he tells how the student project took off with a team of ETH and ZhdK students. He shows how from sack trucks and cardboard became Scalevo, then Scewo and finally the high-tech wheelchair “Scewo Bro“.

    The big moment comes. Pascal Buholzer, CTO, Thomas Gemperle, CDO and Beni Winter take the covers off Scewo Bro. Step by step they explain the new features, the logic of the electric vehicle and finally how to operate this sleek device. The guests are thrilled and create an atmosphere that goes under your skin.

    Afterwards, guests and Scewo employees mix at the networking aperitif. Together they herald a new era.

Career at Scewo

We celebrate what we achieve together.

Nothing is impossible. We question the status quo and develop future-oriented solutions by bringing a variety of personalities and strengths together in one team. As a team, we pull on the same rope and celebrate successes as they happen. A career at Scewo offers many opportunities and freedom, but at the same time demands a sense of responsibility. Not only does Scewo grow rapidly. Even more our people grow with us. Best part of it: In an environment where health and fun are just as important as hard work. Do you think that would be something for you? Seems like it is time to send us your application!

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