Georg Egger GmbH: Your Scewo Partner in Austria

Georg Egger GmbH: Your Partner in Austria

May we introduce: Georg Egger GmbH, our official representative in Austria. We will reveal who is behind this and when you can start testing BRO on Austrian soil.

Natalie Covos – 20.05.2020

Günther Knobloch, Georg Egger GmbH

With Georg Egger GmbH we can count on an extremely experienced and competent supplier of orthopaedic technology and medical products in Austria. The team lives the credo «The human being in the centre of attention»; this is what connects us.


From summer 2020 on you can test BRO directly at Georg Egger or in your own four walls in Austria. On site you will also have the opportunity to undergo our wheelchair an outdoor reality check. Georg Egger GmbH has a mobility park with meadows, steps and slopes. We are already looking forward to your test report 😉.

The Georg Egger team will be happy if you contact them here already today! 🙂
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Showtime for the PIONEER SERIES

Showtime for the PIONEER SERIES

The trade fair Swiss Handicap 2019 stood for a major milestone in our annual planning. Why? Because this was the first time we presented the PIONEER SERIES, Scewo Bro’s series model. A report about night shifts, nervous Scewo employees, proud faces and a successful trade fair participation.

Tabita Rüegg – 09.12.2019


The Swiss Handicap trade fair was highlighted brightly in our calendars. We decided to present our series model to the public for the first time at this fair. Once again, the entire team worked very hard the prior week to achieve this goal. The last components reached us three days prior to the fair. All departments worked night shifts, in order to finish the new model on time. The software engineers nervously walked back and forth because they had only a few hours to bring life to the assembled Bro. But there was another appointment which made us even more nervous. A journalist from a regional newspaper wanted to visit us on the same evening in order to report about the series model. Shortly after he had arrived, the brand-new Scewo Bro set off to the stairs for the first time – and every team member held his breath. He reliably climbed the first steps. The tension was immediately released and all eyes began to shine. The pride was written in the face of each team member.

There was nothing that could stop us now for a successful trade fair appearance on the following day!

Successful performance

The booth of the Swiss Cerebral Foundation and the health logistics company Cosanum was an eye-catcher. In cooperation with the Brändi Foundation, they had created an outdoor park that invited adventurers to test several products and to relax. In the middle of the natural landscape: The Scewo Bro PIONEER SERIES. Those who liked to, were invited to take a ride with Bro and climb the stairs to the «Chalet».

What's new about the series model

  • Our engineers fundamentally checked every single component again and redesigned it. Why? To make Bro even more stable.
  • We designed a new head support. It can individually be adjusted in height and depth.
  • The length and width of the arm support can now be adjusted.
  • The back support can easily be removed completely for transport.
  • The control panel newly comes with a touch panel. This means that the various modes can also be selected by people who do not have enough strength to press a button. And yes, the touch control also works in rain and snow with a glove, which is also designed to control smartphones. 🧤
  • A rear view camera and sensors now ensure more safety when climbing stairs. The image from the rear view camera is directly transmitted to your smartphone. This means you can always see what’s going on behind you when climbing stairs. The sensors detect the end of the stairs and automatically trigger the stair transition.
  • A lot has happened in terms of software: Bro now rides even quieter and can be driven smoother.
  • Last but not least: Scewo Bro looks better than ever before 🤩.


Many thanks for your visit!

Have you visited us and the natural scenery at the Swiss Handicap? Great that we got to know you! We had a lot of fun taking you on a test drive with our Scewo Bro and experiencing how much joy we can bring with him.

We would like to express our special thanks for the honest conversations and for sharing your personal story. It is not common to share personal information. All the more we appreciate your valuable inputs and tips, which we can integrate excellently into the further development of Scewo and Bro. We are already looking forward to seeing you again soon!

We would also like to thank the Cerebral Foundation and Cosanum for the invitation and the great cooperation!

Team Scewo Swiss Handicap
Team Scewo Swiss Handicap

Did you miss us? Well then just come and see us or one of our next events! All planned events can be found here.

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Into the depths of the Viamala

On a treasure hunt in the depths of Viamala

Among the submissions in the campaign Scewo fulfills wishes was the idea of Mirko to take his son Phil on a hike. So we invited them to Switzerland. We climbed hundreds of steps into the depths of the Viamala canyon and searched the hidden treasure.

Tabita Rüegg – 06.11.2019

Scewo erfüllt Phils Wunsch

Phil's Story

Phil suffered a lack of oxygen during birth and had to be resuscitated several times. The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. He is still able to walk short distances with support. However, he uses his active wheelchair with electrically driven wheels for school and leisure trips. Obstacles such as stairs, gravel, meadows and forest paths made it difficult or even impossible for Phil and his family to experience nature together. Mirko, Phil’s father, discovered Scewo and the campaign Scewo fulfills wishes when he was searching for the coolest wheelchair in the world. This campaign seemed to be the perfect opportunity to test out the Scewo Bro which makes such an adventure possible.

Having sparked his interest, Phil visited us at the fair IRMA. With his gorgeous smile, he immediately conquered all the hearts of the Scewo crew. This is why we decided to fulfill the wish of the boy from Hamburg. We invited him to Switzerland and went on an adventure trip with Scewo Bro.

«Scewo Crew, prepare for landing!»

We waited curiously at the airport in Zurich. The tension got released when the doors opened and Phil rolled towards us with sparkling eyes.
What we actually planned for him was still a surprise. When Phil and his father realized that we were heading towards the Swiss Alps, they got even more excited.

Since we arrived at night, they only realized the next morning where we actually went. In their hotel room was a huge window which offered a direct view of Igl Lai, the lake of Lenzerheide. This panorama awakened our spirit of adventure. So we started right after breakfast.

Phil und Papa Mirko
Phil und Papa Mirko

359 steps to the deepest corner of Viamala

Phil looked out the window wondering what we were doing here when we reached the parking lot of Viamala. When we took him to the railing of the Viamala and looked into the canyon he began to understand what we had in mind. This was exactly the moment when it started to rain. This made him and his dad feel queasy. Because the only way down into the canyon was 359 steps made of natural stone.

Mirko breathed a sigh of relief and Phil grinned like a Cheshire cat when he passed the first stairs. With every further stair section, he felt more secure. Later, he could master the way back on his own. But first, he went to the deepest corner of the canyon. On the way to that place, he had to solve quests to finally get the treasure – a rock crystal.

A race filled with happiness

How many wheelchair users can say that they have left their daddy on track during a race on a forest path? Well, Phil can. We had two Scewo Bros with us, so we let father and son race in the forest. As an experienced driver and with his sensitivity Phil already lost his dad in the first bend.

On the pier to the lake, it got emotional. The breathtaking scenery made them dream and gifted father and son with a wonderful moment of happiness. Afterward, Mirko told us: «It was very emotional to see that we can take Phil to such places and to have such experiences together again».

Scewo Bro makes it possible

The reason why we do what we do (with our heart and soul)

The fulfillment of Phil’s wish was a matter close to our hearts. He blessed us with an infectious smile and a contagious enthusiasm. That made us proud and confirmed that with our work, we can give back a bit of quality of life. We would like to thank Phil and Mirko for their visit and shared experiences.

We would also like to thank the team from Viamala Canyon and the entire film crew from Eyevom who supported us in making this wish come true.

About «Scewo fulfills wishes»

In 2018 we won the IFAS Innovation Challenge launched by Cosanum. The prize not only included prize money of CHF 10000, but also the valuable cooperation with the health logistics company. In a meeting with Cosanum, we had the idea to pass the prize money to wheelchair users by creating the campaign Scewo fulfills wishes. In this campaign, people with limited mobility could submit a wish that we could only fulfil with the help of Scewo Bro.

We received dozens of requests from people in Switzerland and abroad. We fulfilled the wish of two people to take them to places they could not (any longer) visit because of their handicap.

Claudia’s adrenaline rush at almost 3000m

The wish of Claudia, the second winner, we fulfilled in September. Together we stormed two summits. Via stairs and the suspension bridge Peak Walk Glacier 3000, we brought Claudia up to 3000m.

The whole story can be found here.

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Goosebumps at 3000m

Goosebumps at 3000m

Crossing a suspension bridge with Scewo Bro. That was Claudia’s wish submitted as part of our campaign Scewo fulfills wishes. Together we climbed two staggeringly high peaks. A story about numerous happy moments in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Tabita Rüegg – 28 September 2019

Scewo fulfills Claudias wish

In 2018 we won the IFAS Innovation Challenge launched by Cosanum. The prize not only included a prize money of CHF 10’000, but also the valuable cooperation with the healthcare logistician. In a conversation with Cosanum, the idea to pass on the prize money to wheelchair users arose. In form of the campaign Scewo fulfills wishes, people with limited mobility could submit a wish that could only be fulfilled with the assistance of Scewo Bro.

We received dozens of wishes from people both from Switzerland and abroad. We selected two people whom we fulfilled the wish to get to places they could not (any longer) visit because of their handicap.

Claudias adrenaline rush at almost 3000m

Almost 30 years have passed since Claudia had the first attack of multiple sclerosis. Today she can still move around in the house with crutches, for longer distances she uses her active wheelchair. Stairs are also a big obstacle in Claudia’s everyday life. Therefore excursions into nature – and especially into the mountains – became more and more a rarity. This was one of the reasons why Claudia took the chance to submit her wish to cross a suspension bridge.

Up to this point we had never driven over a suspension bridge with Scewo Bro. That was why it was interesting for us as well to test whether he could fulfill Claudia’s wish. The Peak Walk of the cable cars Glacier 3000 seemed to be made for this: The suspension bridge, which connects two peaks, can only be reached by stairs.

There is something in the air

When we met Claudia in Gstaad, her face was already filled with excitement: She could not imagine (yet) to climb the two peaks on her own. We immediately headed off to the station of Glacier 3000, where Claudia transferred to Scewo Bro. Nothing could stop us now. We went up to the top station with the cable cars. Up there, we were rewarded with sunshine and a breathtaking panorama. Claudia already said at lunch “let’s start the adventure”, as her seat offered a direct view to the suspension bridge and the connected peaks.

Go for it!

At the exit of the restaurant to the Peak Walk, Claudia left the first step behind: With the stair mode she drove smoothly down to the Peak Walk transition. A ramp took her to the stairs that led to the first peak. “Uneven ground usually kicks me out of the race. With Bro you can just drive over bumps – he does what you expect him to do,” she said after the first two obstacles. Without a bat of an eyelid she immediately drove up almost 100 steps on her own. She even took the time and courage to wave to our drone and joke around with her husband and friend Ruth. “I always felt safe because the seat is always leveled out,” she said about climbing the stairs. To enjoy the view the “lift mode” seemed to be perfect. At 90cm seat height Claudia enjoyed the full view of the panorama. Before crossing the suspension bridge, Claudia took another deep breath: “There was a moment when I thought – will I do it or not? And then I just did it. It swayed a little because of the steps of other visitors, but I always felt safe.”

A happy moment that gets under your skin

Claudia was smiling when she drove the last meters to the second peak. We are certain that if the sun hadn’t shone, it would have appeared now at the latest 😉. Claudia looked at the panorama of the Swiss Alps, breathed in the alpine air and continued smiling. She hugged her husband Dani and her friend Ruth and just enjoyed the moment: “It was incredibly important to me that I could share this moment with my husband and my friend. My husband has supported me throughout my whole multiple sclerosis time – he is my trusted person. Ruth I wanted to bring with me, because she head the wonderful idea to cross a suspension bridge.”

Mission accomplished 💪

For us, fulfilling Claudia’s wish was an incredible motivator. Not only to fulfill someone’s wish, but also to be part of it was a gift. We got inspired by Claudias, Danis and Ruth’s satisfaction, got to learn a lot about living with multiple sclerosis and created and experienced a lot of goose bumps-moments. We heartily thank the three of them.

We would also like to thank Glacier 3000 cable cars for supporting us in the realization.

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Successful kick-off at the CYBATHLON Experience

Successful kick-off at the CYBATHLON Experience

There are eight months left until CYBATHLON. CYBATHLON is a competition in which people with disabilities compete. In 2020 we will compete with Scewo Bro. On Tuesday we proved our skills by two demo races.

Tabita Rüegg – 30.08.2019


In about half a year we will be on the starting line of the CYBATHLON; the competition where people with disabilities compete. Until then the host organizes several demo races. Also last Tuesday.

At the “CYBATHLON Experience”, which took place at Zurich Main Station, we competed in two demo races with Scewo Bro. The original course included obstacles such as “taking seat” at a table, driving over chunks of wood, climbing stairs and opening a door without physical help.

Basil, our pilot, mastered both races excellently. He confidently mastered obstacle after obstacle (and was so fast that he almost rammed the door 😆).

” I am very satisfied even though we finished second. Compared to our CYBATHLON wheelchair “Scewo” from 2016, we improved our performance and our ability a lot. Something you should keep in mind: Our wheelchair will soon be a marketable product. This means that we focus on the everyday life of our customers and not on the obstacles of CYBATHLON when developing our wheelchair. Now, the big challenge is to develop a robot arm by May 2020 that will open the door at the big race – and hopefully contribute to win the CYBATHLON 2020,” says our CEO Beni Winter.

What our pilot, Basil Dias, says about Scewo Bro

«It surprises me again and again what is possible nowadays. Scewo Bro is a great product that I really can recommend to others.»

– Basil Dias, Scewo CYBATHLON pilot


The CYBATHLON is a unique competition in which people with disabilities compete against each other by completing everyday tasks using technical assistance systems. The competition takes place every four years, next May 2 – 3, 2020 at the SWISS Arena in Kloten (CH). All information about the CYBATHLON can be found here.

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Red Dot «Best of the Best» for Scewo Bro

Red Dot «Best of the Best» for Scewo Bro

Scewo Bro is not only awarded with a prestigious Red Dot but also with the highest rating «Best of the Best». A report about the award ceremony and the significance of this award.

Tabita Rüegg – 08.07.2019

Scewo Designer Pascal Trachsler and Thomas Gemperle

Raise the glasses!

What a first half-year 2019! We just stepped on to the stage in Essen, Germany, and proudly received the “Red Dot Best of the Best” trophy. One thing that makes us especially happy is that as of today we are allowed to stick the renowned small red dot on our Bro.

In 2019, the Red Dot jury awarded only 1.5% of the entries with the Red Dot “Best of the Best”. We are among the winners because: “The electric wheelchair Scewo Bro differs itself from well-known paradigms. It offers people with disabilities new possibilities. Steps are no longer an obstacle, since it climbs them with ease. The structure is clear and concise. With its sporty-elegant design, it fits seamlessly into any environment. Further impressive features: its seating comfort, the adjustment of the seat height as well as the easily understandable interaction via joystick,” the Red Dot jury explained.

From now on you can also find our Bro in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, online and in the Red Dot Design App.

What the CEO of Red Dot says about our award

«The Red Dot «Best of the Best» award is an extraordinary honor. Only a very small percentage of the products that were entered receive this award. It is the deserved recognition for a great design achievement and proof that the award-winning companies are among the best in design. Consumers can rely on the first-class design quality of the award-winning products because they have been tested and selected by an experienced jury under strict evaluation criteria.»

– Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, CEO Red Dot

Dr. P. Zec, CEO Red Dot
Dr. P. Zec, CEO Red Dot

About the Red Dot Design Award

With over 18,000 entries, the Red Dot Award is one of the world’ s biggest design competitions. In 1955, a jury met for the first time to evaluate the best designs of that time. In the 1990s, Red Dot CEO Professor Dr. Peter Zec developed the name and brand of the award. Since then, the coveted “Red Dot” award is an internationally renowned label for outstanding design quality. Red Dot presents the award winners in the yearbooks, museums and online. Further information can be found here.

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Fraudulent Offers

Various online shops offer our wheelchair illegally and with large price reductions. 4 tips about how to recognize fraudulent offers.

Tabita Rüegg – 08.06.2019

Scewo Bro is so popular that unfortunately, several online shops are now offering him illegally with high price reductions. So far Scewo Bro can only be ordered directly on our website. Official partners whom you can trust can be found here. Currently, we are aware of the online shops “Nano Mobility“, “Bough Platyppush” and “Sedia Latest V Model”. If you should come across another online shop, which presumably offers our wheelchair illegally, then please let us know.

4 tips about how to detect fraudulent offers

  • Other product name than Scewo Bro.
  • The wheelchair is offered at a massively lower price.
  • The pictures show the prototype “Scewo” in blue color.
  • All Scewo logos are retouched or have been overwritten with other logos.

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We are delighted: Scewo receives CHF 100'000 from the De Vigier Foundation

Winner De Vigier 2019

We are one of the
De Vigier winners

Every year, the W.A. De Vigier Foundation grants money to young people with forward-looking business ideas. This year we had the privilege to pop the corks – our chief Bernhard even twice.

Tabita Rüegg – 27.05.2019

We are delighted: Scewo receives CHF 100'000 from the De Vigier Foundation
Die Freude ist riesig: Scewo erhält CHF 100'000 der De Vigier-Stifung

Prize money has to be earned

That we had been selected from almost 250 applications for the pre-selection “Top 60” made us very proud.

On “Selection Day” Bernhard had to inspire the Foundation Board within three minutes with our vision and team spirit. Have you already met our chief Beni personally? Then you can certainly agree with us that nothing is easier for him than to talk about his “baby”. The De Vigier jury seemed to think likewise. Because shortly afterward we could count ourselves among the “Top 16”.

In the following weeks, there was a lot to do. Bernhard and 15 other startup founders took part in assessments and coaching sessions. From these, the Foundation Board again selected the ten best – including Scewo.

Finally, today we traveled to the award ceremony in Solothurn. Bernhard had once again to impress the Foundation Board and external guests with our vision in a separate room. Meanwhile, the rest of the team cheered in a public viewing. The other guests must have noticed at latest that we were part of Scewo when the winners were announced. We jumped around and were cheering and broke the silence in the room.

Our charmer wins the Audience Award

It is probably thanks to Bernhard’s empathy, charm, and enthusiasm for Scewo that he cheered twice that evening. During the award ceremony, the guests were allowed to vote for their favorite. And so Bernhard was chosen as the audience favorite. Now he is looking forward to a peaceful and – hopefully programming-free – wellness weekend ;-).

About the W.A. de Vigier Foundation and the Award

Bill de Vigier knew from own experience how important seed capital is. He set himself the goal of supporting promising start-ups. He was one of the first people in Switzerland who took over the institutional promotion of start-ups. For three decades now, the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been granting Switzerland’s most valuable start-up prize, without any profit-related conditions. The W.A. de Vigier Prize is the oldest and, with annual prize money of CHF 500,000 (five times CHF 100,000), the most valuable award for young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. In its 30 years of existence, the foundation has distributed a total of over 11 million Swiss francs in seed capital. To date, this has led to more than 90 successful start-ups, several IPOs, successful company sales and, above all, numerous new jobs. The following aspects count in the assessment of the projects: entrepreneurial personality, innovative character, relevance to society as a whole, technical and financial feasibility, market opportunities and the potential of new jobs.

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We are expanding to Germany and Austria

We are expanding to Germany and Austria

Scewo Bro will soon also be available in Germany and Austria. Starting today, our neighbors can officially pre-order Scewo Bro. Deliveries are expected in mid-2020.

Tabita Rüegg – 16.05.2019

Oh yeah - we are expanding to Germany and Austria!

Today we are starting the pre-sales for Germany and Austria at the trade fair REHAB in Karlsruhe. Just like in Switzerland, you can now definitely pre-order Scewo Bro; he will be delivered starting mid-2020.

Our CEO and co-founder Bernhard Winter believes that everyone with a disability should benefit from devices that allow living a more flexible life. «There is already a lot being done to make the world accessible. Nevertheless, there are still countless places that will remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. With Scewo Bro, we want the society to rethink. We are aware that our device is not enough to provide a barrier-free world, but we can create unique experiences. We firmly believe that, together with other interest groups, we can create a fully accessible world for people with disabilities. » Scewo Bros future is already set in stone: If we are successful in Germany and Austria, we will expand Scewo Bro to other countries.

Order process in Germany and Austria

In all countries, the principle «First come – first serve» applies: the earlier you reserve your Scewo Bro, the sooner you will receive it.

You reserve your Bro. This secures you the next spot on the waiting list of your home country.

Once you have reserved, you can sit back and relax until spring 2020. Up until then, we will be building a partner network with specialist suppliers (medical supply stores) in Germany and Austria. You are welcome to recommend us the specialist supplier you trust via email. The list of our partners can be found on our partner page, which we regularly update.

Our partner who is closest to you will contact you in spring 2020 for an extensive test drive. You can also learn more about the pillows, settings, etc. during this visit. Everything in order? Then you can order Bro directly through our partner, by signing a legal contract. Signing up for your health insurance fund and the payment can be completed directly at our partners. We will then refund the reservation fee.

There is still enough time to increase your anticipation for mid-2020 😜. As soon as the delivery date for your Bro is set, you will be contacted.


Price and share of costs with health insurance funds

Scewo Bro costs around the same as other high-quality electric wheelchairs. The price for German and Austria customers is the same as for Swiss customers: 33 000 Swiss Francs excl. VAT, freight and customs costs.

Currently, no health insurance fund/insurance company finances Bro. That means that the wheelchair, as well as its maintenance,  must (currently) be paid by your own. We are working hard to ensure that health insurance funds/insurance companies will add Bro to the aid list. Clarification with local authorities is in progress. As soon as the decisions and cost regulations are clear, we will inform you immediately.

Point of Sales

The location in Switzerland is currently the only one. The reason for that is simple: Scewo Bro ist our first marketable product, therefore we are reliant on feedback from customers, especially at the beginning of the deliveries. This is the only way to quickly develop our device and offer a superior product. In Germany and Austria, we will work together with partners. The list can be found here. It will be updated continuously.

Settings, Maintenance and Repairs

Our partners in Germany and Austria will take care of the concerns you may have. On one hand, they are your point of contact for your order, on the other hand, they are also responsible for the settings, the processing concerning the health insurance fund, the maintenance, and the repairs. If you have questions or requests that affect us directly, we are always there for you 😊.

Scewo Bro live

You would love to see Scewo Bro live as soon as possible? Then join us at the trade fair REHACARE in Dusseldorf – we are looking forward to seeing you there! Further planned events can be found under our event page.

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Scewo Bro wins the iF Design Award

Scewo wins this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD and accordingly ranks as one of the prize winners of the worldwide renowned design label. Scewo Bro impressed in the discipline Product, category Automobiles / Vehicles.

Tabita Rüegg – 15.03.2019

Scewo Designer Simon Fanger, Thomas Gemperle (CDO) und Pascal Trachsler (v.l.n.r.)

Scewo Bro impressed the jury of 63 independent international experts with its fusion of functionality and consistent design.

The number of applicants was large. The jurors had to choose the winner out of 6,400 entries from 54 countries.


For 65 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been a globally recognized trademark when it comes to excellent design. The internationally established brand iF stands as a symbol for outstanding design achievements. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design awards in the world. It rewards design achievements in all disciplines: product, packaging, communication and service design/UX, architecture and interior design as well as professional concept. All award-winning entries are presented in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE, published in the iF design app and exhibited in the iF design exhibition Hamburg.

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