Scewo Bro

The first of its type

It is time for boundless freedom. That is why we have developed Scewo Bro. His versatility, his smart technology, his uniquely futuristic design and his easy handling simplifies your everyday life.

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Scewo Bro keeps the balance independently while driving. That creates a whole new driving experience. The large wheels effortlessly master cobblestones and forest paths. And that even without stability in your upper body!

Max. Speed

10 km/h

Max. Distance

25 km

Max. Incline

6 - 10 °

Mountain Climber


The stair climbing function opens the doors to new possibilities. With this mode you can climb steps made of various materials. No matter if upwards or downwards, straight or slightly curved: Scewo Bro brings you safely from A to B.


1 step/s

Max. gradient

20 - 37 °

Max. step height

200 mm

Take a seat


The seat of Scewo Bro is versatilely adjustable. In no time you adjust the seat depth, back support, foot supports and arm supports according to your form on the day.

scewo bro icon seat depth


scewo bro icon foot

28 °

scewo bro icon arm

210-310 mm

scewo bro icon back

2-37 °