Park Mode

Drive Mode

Track Mode

Mountain Climber


By pushing one button you prepare Scewo Bro for climbing stairs. He raises you to the first step. Then, a smooth ride from one platform to the other is assured. With the joystick you determine the direction and speed.

Notice: Stairs with an incline up to 37 degrees are suitable. Scewo Bro can also climb stairs with a slight curve. The caterpillars are suitable for almost any surface.

Stair Mode

scewo bro icon step height

Maximum step height


scewo bro icon stair pitch

Maximum Incline

20 – 37°

scewo bro icon speed


1 step/s



Scewo Bro offers a driving mode for every preference. It starts in the safe parking mode. 

For the ride to work or a trip into nature, you can use the driving mode. Bro balances itself without you helping with your upper body.

On slippery ground or steep passages you simply switch to track mode. Then, Bro drives you safely to your destination in various weather conditions.

scewo bro icon radius

Turning circle diameter


scewo bro icon pitch

Maximum incline in driving mode

6 – 10°

scewo bro icon distance



scewo bro icon speed

Driving Speed

10 km/h



With Scewo Bro you can raise your sitting position to almost one meter – just like an elevator. You decide yourself which height you want to reach. Further, Bro can drive forwards and backwards with a raised seat.



In the driving mode you are on a seat height of 600 mm. That makes it easier for Scewo Bro to balance and for you to keep track of everything. In park mode, you adjust Bro’s seat height to the height of your current chair by pressing one button. With a seat height of at least 470mm, you remain seated in 1st class.

Scewo Bro Sideview Slider



Use the joystick to control direction and driving speed. The driving mode is selected via your smartphone. As a result, you stay connected and can charge your smartphone. Bro stays always steerable – even without a smartphone.

scewo bro icon seat depth

430 – 510mm

scewo bro icon foot


scewo bro icon arm

210 – 310mm

scewo bro icon back

2 – 47°



From the safe position you can tilt your seat, the backrest and the footrests so that you rest in a relaxing position. Scewo Bro remains steerable in this position.

Scewo Bro Sideview Balance Positions



Scewo Bro’s safety components are designed for active and versatile handling. So, that you can never tip over.

Scewo Bro Technical Side Safetybow



You charge Scewo Bro at any standard household outlet. Then, it is fully charged in four to five hours.



With a single grip you fold down the backrest. In this compact size, Scewo Bro even fits into the trunk of a small car.