We are one of theDe Vigier winners

Every year, the W.A. De Vigier Foundation grants money to young people with forward-looking business ideas. This year we had the privilege to pop the corks – our chief Bernhard even twice.

Tabita Rüegg – 27.05.2019

We are delighted: Scewo receives CHF 100'000 from the De Vigier Foundation
Die Freude ist riesig: Scewo erhält CHF 100'000 der De Vigier-Stifung

Prize money has to be earned

That we had been selected from almost 250 applications for the pre-selection “Top 60” made us very proud.

On “Selection Day” Bernhard had to inspire the Foundation Board within three minutes with our vision and team spirit. Have you already met our chief Beni personally? Then you can certainly agree with us that nothing is easier for him than to talk about his “baby”. The De Vigier jury seemed to think likewise. Because shortly afterward we could count ourselves among the “Top 16”.

In the following weeks, there was a lot to do. Bernhard and 15 other startup founders took part in assessments and coaching sessions. From these, the Foundation Board again selected the ten best – including Scewo.

Finally, today we traveled to the award ceremony in Solothurn. Bernhard had once again to impress the Foundation Board and external guests with our vision in a separate room. Meanwhile, the rest of the team cheered in a public viewing. The other guests must have noticed at latest that we were part of Scewo when the winners were announced. We jumped around and were cheering and broke the silence in the room.

Our charmer wins the Audience Award

It is probably thanks to Bernhard’s empathy, charm, and enthusiasm for Scewo that he cheered twice that evening. During the award ceremony, the guests were allowed to vote for their favorite. And so Bernhard was chosen as the audience favorite. Now he is looking forward to a peaceful and – hopefully programming-free – wellness weekend ;-).

About the W.A. de Vigier Foundation and the Award

Bill de Vigier knew from own experience how important seed capital is. He set himself the goal of supporting promising start-ups. He was one of the first people in Switzerland who took over the institutional promotion of start-ups. For three decades now, the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been granting Switzerland’s most valuable start-up prize, without any profit-related conditions. The W.A. de Vigier Prize is the oldest and, with annual prize money of CHF 500,000 (five times CHF 100,000), the most valuable award for young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. In its 30 years of existence, the foundation has distributed a total of over 11 million Swiss francs in seed capital. To date, this has led to more than 90 successful start-ups, several IPOs, successful company sales and, above all, numerous new jobs. The following aspects count in the assessment of the projects: entrepreneurial personality, innovative character, relevance to society as a whole, technical and financial feasibility, market opportunities and the potential of new jobs.

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