We are expanding to Germany and Austria

Scewo Bro will soon also be available in Germany and Austria. Starting today, our neighbors can officially pre-order Scewo Bro. Deliveries are expected in mid-2020.

Tabita Rüegg – 16.05.2019

Oh yeah - we are expanding to Germany and Austria!

Today we are starting the pre-sales for Germany and Austria at the trade fair REHAB in Karlsruhe. Just like in Switzerland, you can now definitely pre-order Scewo Bro; he will be delivered starting mid-2020.

Our CEO and co-founder Bernhard Winter believes that everyone with a disability should benefit from devices that allow living a more flexible life. «There is already a lot being done to make the world accessible. Nevertheless, there are still countless places that will remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. With Scewo Bro, we want the society to rethink. We are aware that our device is not enough to provide a barrier-free world, but we can create unique experiences. We firmly believe that, together with other interest groups, we can create a fully accessible world for people with disabilities. » Scewo Bros future is already set in stone: If we are successful in Germany and Austria, we will expand Scewo Bro to other countries.

Order process in Germany and Austria

In all countries, the principle «First come – first serve» applies: the earlier you reserve your Scewo Bro, the sooner you will receive it.

You reserve your Bro. This secures you the next spot on the waiting list of your home country.

Once you have reserved, you can sit back and relax until spring 2020. Up until then, we will be building a partner network with specialist suppliers (medical supply stores) in Germany and Austria. You are welcome to recommend us the specialist supplier you trust via email. The list of our partners can be found on our partner page, which we regularly update.

Our partner who is closest to you will contact you in spring 2020 for an extensive test drive. You can also learn more about the pillows, settings, etc. during this visit. Everything in order? Then you can order Bro directly through our partner, by signing a legal contract. Signing up for your health insurance fund and the payment can be completed directly at our partners. We will then refund the reservation fee.

There is still enough time to increase your anticipation for mid-2020 😜. As soon as the delivery date for your Bro is set, you will be contacted.


Price and share of costs with health insurance funds

Scewo Bro costs around the same as other high-quality electric wheelchairs. The price for German and Austria customers is the same as for Swiss customers: 33 000 Swiss Francs excl. VAT, freight and customs costs.

Currently, no health insurance fund/insurance company finances Bro. That means that the wheelchair, as well as its maintenance,  must (currently) be paid by your own. We are working hard to ensure that health insurance funds/insurance companies will add Bro to the aid list. Clarification with local authorities is in progress. As soon as the decisions and cost regulations are clear, we will inform you immediately.

Point of Sales

The location in Switzerland is currently the only one. The reason for that is simple: Scewo Bro ist our first marketable product, therefore we are reliant on feedback from customers, especially at the beginning of the deliveries. This is the only way to quickly develop our device and offer a superior product. In Germany and Austria, we will work together with partners. The list can be found here. It will be updated continuously.

Settings, Maintenance and Repairs

Our partners in Germany and Austria will take care of the concerns you may have. On one hand, they are your point of contact for your order, on the other hand, they are also responsible for the settings, the processing concerning the health insurance fund, the maintenance, and the repairs. If you have questions or requests that affect us directly, we are always there for you 😊.

Scewo Bro live

You would love to see Scewo Bro live as soon as possible? Then join us at the trade fair REHACARE in Dusseldorf – we are looking forward to seeing you there! Further planned events can be found under our event page.

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