Fraudulent Offers

Various online shops offer our wheelchair illegally and with large price reductions. 4 tips about how to recognize fraudulent offers.

Tabita Rüegg – 08.06.2019

Scewo Bro is so popular that unfortunately, several online shops are now offering him illegally with high price reductions. So far Scewo Bro can only be ordered directly on our website. Official partners whom you can trust can be found here. Currently, we are aware of the online shops “Nano Mobility“, “Bough Platyppush” and “Sedia Latest V Model”. If you should come across another online shop, which presumably offers our wheelchair illegally, then please let us know.

4 tips about how to detect fraudulent offers

  • Other product name than Scewo Bro.
  • The wheelchair is offered at a massively lower price.
  • The pictures show the prototype “Scewo” in blue color.
  • All Scewo logos are retouched or have been overwritten with other logos.
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