Goosebumps at 3000m

Crossing a suspension bridge with Scewo Bro. That was Claudia’s wish submitted as part of our campaign Scewo fulfills wishes. Together we climbed two staggeringly high peaks. A story about numerous happy moments in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Tabita Rüegg – 28 September 2019

Scewo fulfills Claudias wish

In 2018 we won the IFAS Innovation Challenge launched by Cosanum. The prize not only included a prize money of CHF 10’000, but also the valuable cooperation with the healthcare logistician. In a conversation with Cosanum, the idea to pass on the prize money to wheelchair users arose. In form of the campaign Scewo fulfills wishes, people with limited mobility could submit a wish that could only be fulfilled with the assistance of Scewo Bro.

We received dozens of wishes from people both from Switzerland and abroad. We selected two people whom we fulfilled the wish to get to places they could not (any longer) visit because of their handicap.

Claudias adrenaline rush at almost 3000m

Almost 30 years have passed since Claudia had the first attack of multiple sclerosis. Today she can still move around in the house with crutches, for longer distances she uses her active wheelchair. Stairs are also a big obstacle in Claudia’s everyday life. Therefore excursions into nature – and especially into the mountains – became more and more a rarity. This was one of the reasons why Claudia took the chance to submit her wish to cross a suspension bridge.

Up to this point we had never driven over a suspension bridge with Scewo Bro. That was why it was interesting for us as well to test whether he could fulfill Claudia’s wish. The Peak Walk of the cable cars Glacier 3000 seemed to be made for this: The suspension bridge, which connects two peaks, can only be reached by stairs.

There is something in the air

When we met Claudia in Gstaad, her face was already filled with excitement: She could not imagine (yet) to climb the two peaks on her own. We immediately headed off to the station of Glacier 3000, where Claudia transferred to Scewo Bro. Nothing could stop us now. We went up to the top station with the cable cars. Up there, we were rewarded with sunshine and a breathtaking panorama. Claudia already said at lunch “let’s start the adventure”, as her seat offered a direct view to the suspension bridge and the connected peaks.

Go for it!

At the exit of the restaurant to the Peak Walk, Claudia left the first step behind: With the stair mode she drove smoothly down to the Peak Walk transition. A ramp took her to the stairs that led to the first peak. “Uneven ground usually kicks me out of the race. With Bro you can just drive over bumps – he does what you expect him to do,” she said after the first two obstacles. Without a bat of an eyelid she immediately drove up almost 100 steps on her own. She even took the time and courage to wave to our drone and joke around with her husband and friend Ruth. “I always felt safe because the seat is always leveled out,” she said about climbing the stairs. To enjoy the view the “lift mode” seemed to be perfect. At 90cm seat height Claudia enjoyed the full view of the panorama. Before crossing the suspension bridge, Claudia took another deep breath: “There was a moment when I thought – will I do it or not? And then I just did it. It swayed a little because of the steps of other visitors, but I always felt safe.”

A happy moment that gets under your skin

Claudia was smiling when she drove the last meters to the second peak. We are certain that if the sun hadn’t shone, it would have appeared now at the latest 😉. Claudia looked at the panorama of the Swiss Alps, breathed in the alpine air and continued smiling. She hugged her husband Dani and her friend Ruth and just enjoyed the moment: “It was incredibly important to me that I could share this moment with my husband and my friend. My husband has supported me throughout my whole multiple sclerosis time – he is my trusted person. Ruth I wanted to bring with me, because she head the wonderful idea to cross a suspension bridge.”

Mission accomplished 💪

For us, fulfilling Claudia’s wish was an incredible motivator. Not only to fulfill someone’s wish, but also to be part of it was a gift. We got inspired by Claudias, Danis and Ruth’s satisfaction, got to learn a lot about living with multiple sclerosis and created and experienced a lot of goose bumps-moments. We heartily thank the three of them.

We would also like to thank Glacier 3000 cable cars for supporting us in the realization.

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