After two years of ” silence ” Scewo announces the unveiling of the latest development. The start-up from Winterthur invites to an exclusive keynote at the Landesmuseum Zurich. There it celebrates the beginning of a new era with fans and business partners. Scewo presents Bro to the public for the first time.

Two years after the presentation of the second prototype “Scewo”, the young company of the same name has good news. The unveiling of the latest development is on.

Scewo invites fans and business partners to an exclusive keynote at the National Museum in Zurich.

CEO Bernhard Winter makes the prelude. He takes the guests to the place where it all began: a quiet little room at ETH Zurich. With wit and charm, he tells how the student project took off with a team of ETH and ZhdK students. He shows how from sack trucks and cardboard became Scalevo, then Scewo and finally the high-tech wheelchair “Scewo Bro“.

The big moment comes. Pascal Buholzer, CTO, Thomas Gemperle, CDO and Beni Winter take the covers off Scewo Bro. Step by step they explain the new features, the logic of the electric vehicle and finally how to operate this sleek device. The guests are thrilled and create an atmosphere that goes under your skin.

Afterwards, guests and Scewo employees mix at the networking aperitif. Together they herald a new era.