CHF 35´500incl. 7.7% VAT

Scewo Bro comes in standard color white. A special lacquering is possible at extra cost.

Delivery to Switzerland: expected by the end of 2019
The expansion into further countries follows step by step.

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The binding and legally valid contract for pre-ordering can be found under the following link:

To the legal contract

The wheelchair shown and described in the photos and videos will be slightly improved during the coming year. The informations about delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights, energy consumption and operating costs of the wheelchair are based on current knowledge. Deviations from the illustrations in colour and form, as well as errors and mistakes in the illustrations are reserved. Changes are reserved.

How you order your Bro


With the pre-order and paying the reservation fee of CHF 1,000, you acquire the privilege of purchasing one of the first Scewos’. This fee will be deducted from your final order.


At least now you should do a test drive. Can Scewo Bro meet your expectations and wishes?

Production start

About three months prior to delivery, we inform you about the availability of your Scewo Bro. After signing the purchase contract and paying a deposit of
CHF 10 000, your Bro will goes into production. If you decide against Scewo Bro before our notification, you will get back the reservation fee of CHF 1000. After our notification, the reservation fee is no longer refundable.


Your Scewo Bro is ready for delivery! You pick it up at our premises in Winterthur and we teach you during a half day how to handle it correctly. At the same time, the final payment of estimated CHF 24 500 is due.

Frequently asked questions

If you have your residence in Switzerland, you can pre-order your Bro now online. Then the delivery will take place by the end of 2019. The expansion into further countries will follow step by step. Join the waitlist of your home country. Thus, we we will contact you as soon as we are ready.

In general, the principle “First come – first serve” applies. In fact, the earlier you reserve your Bro, the sooner you will receive it.

The current pre-production prototype (as shown on the photos/videos) will be slightly improved next year. We will also have to complete all prescribed certifications. Thus we can guarantee that the wheelchair is reliable and safe. Unfortunately, this process cannot be planned to the last detail and can cause unexpected delays despite careful planning and pre-testing.

You can pay the reservation fee either by bank transaction or by payment slip. Details can be found in the email you will receive after your reservation. If you need a payment slip, please send us an email and we will send one to you. The deposit of purchase contract can then be paid by invoice.

This reservation costs CHF 1 000 is refundable until we inform you about the delivery of Scewo Bro. The reservation fee will of course be deducted from your later invoice.

This question is not easy to answer, because every country has its own rules. It would be best if you contact us directly with your specific case so that we can discuss your case bilaterally.

For the Swiss

You currently must distinguish between the power wheelchair and the stair climbing functionality:

Scewo Bro electric wheelchair is not (yet) financed by the IV or other insurances. This means that you have to finance both the wheelchair and its maintenance privately. However, we are in contact with the authorities and will publish all helpful information on this page as soon as those are available.

We have already confirmation of the IV, that they can pay up to 8’000 CHF onto the stair climbing functionality if you have a verified right for a stair climbing aid as described in  KHMI (Chapter 14.05 or Chapter 13.05*).

How cool! Now you need a little patience.


This is the process outside Switzerland

Your personal details have arrived, thank you very much! We have entered them in a customer list of your home country. As soon as we are ready to expand into this country, you will be informed and will benefit from your preferential right. If you have already expressed your interest, you may first place your final order.


This is the process in Switzerland

Until about three months prior delivery you have to decide if you want to order Bro definitely. If so, you sign the purchase contract. At the same time you select your individual special equipment such as color, cushions, etc.. With the purchase contract the deposit of CHF 10 000 is due. Now your Bro goes into production.

About three months later Scewo Bro is ready for delivery. When Scewo Bro is handed over, the remaining amount of estimated CHF 24 500 is due. During half a day we adjust the wheelchair optimally to you and teach you how to use it correctly.

At the beginning, we deliver directly from our (yet to be opened) shop in Winterthur, Switzerland. As a result, we are always close to you as experts and can react promptly and competently to any questions you may have. In a second step, we will expand to further countries together with (still to be defined) partners. You can already sign up today as an interested customer.

At the beginning, we provide the services ourselves. That way you are always in contact with a very competent person and we can implement your inputs as quickly as possible. As a very young company, we can currently only offer a single location in Winterthur and will provide all services from there. You are welcome to visit us at any time and we will take care of your concerns in an uncomplicated manner. Should this not be an option for you, we are happy to come to your home or office (travel costs apply).

Today there is no possibility to rent or borrow Bro. We will inform you as soon as possible.

The seat width is 68.5cm. Further technical specifications can be found here.

Let us test that! It is difficult to make a general statement. Therefore it is easiest if we try it directly :-).

Bro weighs 120kg. Further technical specifications can be found here.

Bro is basically suitable for all persons who can cognitively and physically operate and steer an electric wheelchair that is controlled by hand.

For the best possible driving experience, we recommend a minimum body weight of 40kg. The maximum body weight is 120kg.