The student project becomes a company. Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle decide to continue the student project. As a result, they found Scewo, the startup that will revolutionize the wheelchair market.

The student project was not enough for them. So, Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle continue working on their vision to create probably the coolest wheelchair in the world. To clarify, they want to push their idea further and turn the prototype into a real product that will conquer the entire world as soon as possible.

As a result, the student project becomes a company and they found the company Scewo AG with the shared mission to revolutionize the wheelchair market.

However, they remain only for a short time as three. Soon more and more young talents join the team who share the mission with the three founders.

Meanwhile the office space of Scewo is bursting at the seams and the setting up of new workplaces becomes playing Tetris.