Frequently Asked Questions

We can not sell the wheelchair yet. We estimate to have a marketable version of Scewo by midyear of 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know when it’s ready for sales!

We can not sell the chair yet (it is a prototype!). So there is no price tag.
The future, marketable product should be priced comparable to other powered wheelchairs with similar functions and quality.

We have no distributor yet. The wheelchair is still a prototype and can not be bought yet. We will announce a list of resellers on our website once we launch to market.

Yes, of course! The same way as up but in the inverse order.

We got great feedback and for many people this product could change their life. Currently, we are simplifying the system to make it more robust, safer and easier to manufacture. We will also have to pass certification before starting sales. If you want to help us speed up the process, you can support us in different ways – have a look at our support us homepage!

On the ground about 10 km/h and on the stairs at 1 step/s.

Staircases with a slope from 17° to 34°. It is also able to drive on spiral staircases.

It is 65cm wide and 105cm long with a total weight of 100kg.