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Many people ask how they can help us to improve the Scewo and support us to finally bring this chair to the markets. Here are some options we appreciate a lot if you consider to help us in achieving our vision:


What are your daily obstacles? What do you like on our current prototype? What should we improve? Where would you use a Scewo wheelchair?

We are glad for any inputs you can give us by filling in our survey.

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Everything costs money! So does all the prototyping, infrastructure and events we need to pursue the project.

Patreon allows you to support us on a monthly base with any contribution you like. As a Patron you will also get additional insight information and other benefits regularly.

See also our blog post about why we use Patreon.

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You don't like monthly subscriptions? Of course we appreciate traditional donations as much as any other support we get.

Your donation goes to ETH Zürich and is dedicated to the project Scewo only.

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What do we make out of your contribution?

Your contribution will help us to guide direction the project and to finance the ongoing development costs to create a zeros series of the Scewo prototype that will be easier to manufacture at affordable costs.

Please note that you do not aquire any rights or direct rewards with your donation. If you are looking for a partnership please contact us directly.